How to Trim Clips Efficiently

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Trimming clips is key in video editing for a polished final product. But are you doing it efficiently? Are you using the best software or tools for quick, precise cuts?

We’ll dive into efficient video clip trimming in this article. Tips, tricks, and recommendations will be shared. Whether you’re starting out or have experience, we’ll help you excel in digital video cutting.

The Easiest Way to Trim a Video Online

Trimming videos lets you cut unwanted parts to make your content shorter and more interesting. If you need a simple way to do this, an online video trimmer is your answer.

Riverside is a top choice for online video trimming. It has a revolutionary text-based editor and AI technology. This makes trimming videos as easy as editing a document.

With Riverside, you upload your video and it gets transcribed in over 100 languages. This transcription makes it easy to find and trim parts of your video. Just remove text in the transcript to cut video parts. This ensures a smooth editing process.

Riverside is easy to use for both new and experienced editors. It’s perfect for vlogs, online courses, or promotional videos. Its design helps you edit faster and more accurately.

Try Riverside and its text-based editor and AI tech. Start trimming your videos online today with Riverside. You’ll get professional results easily.

How to Trim a Video on Windows and Mac

Trimming a video is often needed by Windows PC and Mac users. Luckily, both systems have easy-to-use built-in apps for this. We’ll look at how to trim videos on Windows and Mac.

Windows PC – Using the Photos App

  1. Open the Photos app on your Windows PC.
  2. Select the video you want to trim.
  3. Click on the scissor icon, which represents the trimming tool.
  4. A timeline will appear, allowing you to see the video’s duration and frames.
  5. Drag the pins on the timeline to set the start and end of the trim.
  6. After setting the trim points, click “Save a copy” to make a trimmed video version.

Mac and iOS – Using iMovie App

  1. Open the iMovie app on your Mac or iOS device.
  2. Import the video you want to trim into iMovie.
  3. Use the timeline to find the video part you want to keep.
  4. After finding it, delete the rest or split the video into parts.
  5. Save the edited video in your chosen format.

Android – Using the Google Gallery App

  1. Open the Google Gallery app on your Android device.
  2. Select the video you wish to trim.
  3. Tap on the edit icon, a pencil or scissors usually.
  4. Drag the screen handles to choose the video’s trim points.
  5. Preview the trimmed video to make sure it’s right.
  6. If happy, save it to your device’s gallery.

With the Photos app for Windows, iMovie for Mac and iOS, and Google Gallery for Android, trimming videos is easy. Now, removing unwanted parts, making clips shorter, and sharing with others is simple.

Best Software for Efficient Video Trimmming

There are many software options for advanced video trimming beyond basic tools. These applications let you trim videos smoothly and boost your editing skills.


Riverside is a powerful editing tool with a unique text-based, AI-powered transcription editor. It transcribes your video automatically for easy, precise editing. Just upload your video, and you’re set to trim with precision.


Clipchamp offers versatility for video editing. It lets you trim, split, merge, add effects, and more. With its friendly interface and advanced features, it meets a variety of editing needs.


Movavi provides a broad spectrum of editing tools. It offers video trimming, filters, stabilization, and motion tracking for professional videos. It makes professional video making accessible.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is ideal for professional video editing. It’s built for complex projects and advanced options. Offering top performance and features, it’s a top pick for filmmakers and industry professionals.

How to Trim a Video Online

If you want to trim videos online without extra software, plenty of options exist. Online Video Cutter is a popular, free choice. It lets you upload and trim your video easily, even if you’re new to video editing.

Video Toolbox is another excellent choice for online video trimming. Just upload your video, set the trim range, and adjust as needed. It comes with more editing tools too.

For those who know YouTube, the YouTube Video Editor offers a handy solution. With it, you can trim videos, add effects, captions, and music to make your video stand out.

These tools make video editing easy without specialized software. But, some might put watermarks on your videos. So, choose the one that best fits your editing needs and preferences.

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