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Do you love making videos that grab people’s attention? Have you wanted to learn video editing but didn’t know how to start? Your search ends here! At Mantra Academy, we offer a fantastic chance for you to learn video editing with our Edius course.

Our online video editing classes cover everything you need to begin your career as a video editor. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or someone who wants to get better at editing; our course is designed for you.

Eager to find out what our course includes? We’ll guide you through the amazing world of video editing. You’ll learn from the simple stuff to complicated techniques, all using Edius Pro software.

But think about this: Do you assume it takes years to make great videos? Are you ready to challenge that and unleash your creativity? Our course shows that anyone can learn to edit videos well, no matter their past experience.

So, why wait any longer? Start your journey to becoming a pro video editor now. Sign up for our Edius Video Editing Course. Begin creating eye-catching videos from your imagination!

Edius Editing Software Tutorial for Beginners

In this beginner’s course, you’ll learn how to use Edius Pro for video projects. We cover everything you need to start—from organizing to exporting videos. This course will give you a strong base in video editing.

Start with understanding Edius Pro, from its layout to basic settings. You’ll learn to import and manage clips, edit videos, and handle the timeline. It’s practical and straightforward.

The course will then dive into more complex editing techniques. Learn to use the layouter, add transitions, correct colors, and use masking and blending. You’ll also get into audio editing, titles, and how to export videos.

This course is built for beginners. You’ll find step-by-step guides to master Edius video editing. It’s all about learning by doing, to boost your confidence and skills.

If you’re looking to get better at video editing, this is where you start. Our Edius tutorial is ideal for beginners. Sign up for our online course now. Discover your creative side with Edius Pro!

Advanced Video Editing Techniques with Edius Pro

If you’re a video editor aiming to boost your skills, Mantra Academy has just the thing. We offer an advanced video editing course with Edius Pro. It’s tailor-made for pros who prefer Edius Pro for their editing projects.

This course dives deep into advanced video editing methods. You’ll learn to make your videos eye-catching and meaningful. Key lessons include:

  • Music and song selection
  • Editing with music beat
  • Creating magic with clip speed
  • Highlights and intros
  • Pre-wedding editing
  • Various ceremony editing
  • Working with still and freeze frames
  • Basic photo editing using Photoshop
  • Using 3D text, templates, and professional fonts
  • Pre-built graphics, transitions, and overlays

After finishing, you’ll master advanced editing with Edius Pro. This course is great whether you aim for a career in editing or wish to make standout videos for fun. You’ll leave with the knowledge and skills for success.

Sign up with us at Mantra Academy. Enhance your video editing career with our advanced Edius Pro course.

Become a Professional Wedding Video Editor with Edius Pro

Mantra Academy offers a specialized Edius Pro course for wedding video editing. This course teaches you how to express creatively and tell stories through wedding videos. By joining, you’ll learn the essential skills to edit wedding videos professionally.

During the course, you’ll explore different techniques to make wedding videos stand out. These include:

  • Reels: Learn to compile memorable wedding moments into a story that highlights the couple’s love.
  • Teasers: Get skills in making short trailers that build excitement for the main wedding video.
  • Cinematic highlights: Discover how to turn simple wedding clips into cinematic masterpieces full of emotion.
  • Pre-wedding videos: Dive into creating pre-wedding videos that showcase unique locations and heartfelt moments.

This course suits video editors looking to focus on wedding videos. Once you finish, you’ll know how to create top-notch wedding videos that clients love.

Besides, the course covers using artificial intelligence (AI) for easier editing. You’ll master AI tools that make editing quicker and better.

Don’t let this chance slip away. Join the wedding video editing course at Mantra Academy. Become an expert at making memorable wedding videos.

Join Our Edius Video Editing Course Now!

You can sign up for our Edius video editing course online or by calling our hotline. Our course offers flexible timing, from 2 to 12 weeks. This allows you to learn at your speed.

Our skilled trainers offer practical learning. They can tailor the course to suit your needs. You can learn at our centers in Delhi and Lucknow, or join live online classes.

Whether you’re starting out or have experience, our course will boost your skills. It will enable you to produce top-quality videos, for work or fun. Don’t miss this chance to excel in video editing with Edius.

Join us today and begin your path to becoming a pro video editor. With our training, you’ll unlock your creative potential. Sign up now and make your mark in video editing!

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